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Unyielding Security at TransactionTree

Fortress of Assurance

Delve into our steadfast security framework, meticulously engineered to guard both our network and your invaluable information. At TransactionTree we prioritize security, embedding it at the heart of our products and platform, ensuring a fortified shield against any potential threats.

Application Security

We take pride in our software craftsmanship. Our APIs seamlessly allow businesses to integrate communications, hence, security is intricately woven into our software fabric. We actively engage in static and dynamic scanning of systems and software code through our application security program. Moreover, we collaborate with developers, creating feedback loops during the development lifecycle via our TransactionTree SSDLC, ensuring a fortified and agile development process.

Endpoint Security

At TransactionTree, every desktop, laptop, and mobile device is under central management and is equipped with robust encryption to thwart unauthorized access. To further bolster our defense mechanism, all end-user computers are armed with anti-virus and anti-malware protections, acting as vigilant sentinels against any potential threats. This multi-tiered security approach ensures a safe, reliable, and resilient digital environment for both our operations and your data.

Network Security

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) stands as a vigilant sentinel, providing round-the-clock monitoring of our network to ensure its optimal functionality and security. Each of our site locations is fortified with robust firewalls and meticulous traffic monitoring systems, creating a bulwark against potential threats. These measures are meticulously deployed to uphold the security, stability, and reliability of the network which our customers profoundly depend on.

Physical Security

Entry to all TransactionTree offices is meticulously regulated, accessible only through assigned proximity badges. Visitors are required to sign in, exhibit a visitor badge, and are escorted by the sponsoring employee throughout their visit. Surveillance cameras vigilantly monitor all entrances and exits across our sites and offices. Our hosted data centers boast of SOC 2 Type II or ISO 27001:2013 certifications, embodying our commitment to security. Each data center site is fortified with multiple security layers including biometrics, security personnel, surveillance cameras, and equipment securely housed in isolated rack/cages, ensuring a fortress of security around your data.

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