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Our mission is to empower brands through data-driven CX MarTech that enhance every facet of the customer journey.

More Than Just Receipts

In this digital age, data is king. We recognize the need to go beyond digital receipts to offer a holistic solution. Whether it's invoices, contracts, or any other customer-related document, our technology allows for seamless conversion into digital formats. These digital documents can be sent via email or SMS, offering customers a more convenient way to interact with their own data. Moreover, our platform supports self-service options, allowing customers to manage their information at their convenience.

Who We Are

Evolution in Digital Transformation

TransactionTree™ began its journey in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, as a pioneer in digital receipt solutions for the retail industry. While we continue to excel in that realm, our technology has evolved to manage any document that would traditionally be printed. Our patented platform is no longer just about digitizing receipts; it’s about transforming transactional and customer data from any source into actionable, usable information.

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Measuring Success

Key Metrics

In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, numbers speak louder than words. At TransactionTree™, we believe in not just providing exceptional solutions but also in demonstrating the measurable impact they have on your business. Here are some of the key performance metrics that reflect our commitment to effectiveness, accuracy, and customer engagement.


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Select Your Point of Sale

Select Your Point of Sale

Select Your Point of Sale

Select Your Point of Sale

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