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Streamlined Approvals. Enhanced Security. Unmatched Efficiency.

Simplified & Secure Transaction Verification

LtsChat Authorize revolutionizes transaction verifications, making them seamless, secure, and streamlined. By integrating a straightforward message-based system that uses either a link or a code, we offer robust verification methods for a myriad of scenarios - from purchase validations to reward redemptions.


The LtsChat Ordering Process

Curious about how it works? LtsChat uses two intuitive methods for placing orders, both customizable to meet your unique business needs.

Versatile Verification: From Payments to Rewards Redemption

Applications of LtsChat Authorize

Purchase Validations

Card-on-file Confirmations: When a customer has a stored card with a merchant, LtsChat sends a prompt to the user, asking them to authorize the usage of the card for the specific transaction.

B2B Transactions

Account-based Charges: For businesses having chargeable accounts with other businesses, an authorized user receives a message for transaction validation. Only upon their confirmation, the transaction is processed and charged to the account.

Reward & Loyalty Point Redemptions

Secure Redeem Process: To redeem rewards or loyalty points, a unique code or link is sent to the user. This ensures the person redeeming is validated, making the reward system more secure and less prone to fraud.

Streamlined Security: Confirm, Execute, and Transact with Ease

How LtsChat Authorize Works

Every order, be it online, in-store, or phone-based, is designed to get the green light from the account holder. Here's the process:

  1. Order Placement: The customer places an order.

  2. Authorization Request: An SMS or email is automatically sent to the customer or authorized user, asking them to confirm the order.

  3. Payment Execution: Once the order is confirmed by the receiver of the message, the order is formally executed, and the payment process is completed.

  4. Special B2B Features: B2B transactions can leverage the House Accounts feature. It allows for sales tax exemptions upon order placements and offers the flexibility of stored payment or invoice-based transactions.

Want to know what LtsChat can do for your business?

In today's fast-paced world, security and efficiency in transactions are paramount. LtsChat Authorize stands at the intersection of these needs, offering a system that not only streamlines transactions but also elevates the security measures, ensuring peace of mind for both businesses and customers.


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