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Maximize Customer Loyalty and Drive Sales

Harness the power of cloud technology to supercharge your customer engagement. Our platform integrates seamlessly with eCommerce and POS systems, offering data-driven insights to create personalized rewards, segment effectively, and deepen your brand ties. With BranchedOut, elevate your customer retention efforts under one streamlined platform.

Utilize our versatile loyalty tools to shape a program tailored to any need






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Real-Time, Accurate, and Comprehensive.

Unified Loyalty Data Management

In the dynamic world of commerce, our loyalty solution understands the essence of real-time data. Whether it’s from point-of-sale or e-commerce channels, every piece of information is ingested promptly, and rewards are calculated instantly. Our sophisticated solution also adjusts for product returns, ensuring that customers always see their most current tally. But what truly sets us apart is our ability to retroactively award rewards. If a customer has only provided their phone number during transactions but later completes their profile by adding essential details like their name, email, and zip code, our solution will backtrack and calculate rewards. This running total not only offers the most accurate reflection of a customer’s loyalty but also serves as a potent motivator for them to provide complete profile details, enhancing their overall loyalty experience.

Personalized, Versatile, and Instantaneous.

Omnichannel Loyalty Delivery

Staying at the forefront of the digital age means delivering loyalty rewards seamlessly and ubiquitously. Our platform ensures that customers receive their rewards through channels they’re already familiar with—be it email, SMS, website, point of sale, or a dedicated app. Every reward, whether it’s a digital coupon or a gift card, offers the flexibility of being redeemed either in full or in part, according to the customer’s preference. Merchants have the autonomy to set expiration dates for these rewards, ensuring timely redemption and sustained engagement. Moreover, our robust API integration ensures that any partner or redemption channel can instantly verify the availability of a reward and facilitate its swift redemption. This truly omnichannel approach enhances the customer experience, reinforcing the bond between merchant and customer with every interaction.

Secure. Swift. Simple.

SMS Reward Redemption

In today’s digital age, ensuring that loyalty rewards go to the rightful owner is paramount. When a customer is checking out, they’re given the option to use their reward coupon or gift card. Opting ‘yes’ triggers an immediate SMS to their registered mobile number, containing a unique authentication code. This code can then be input directly into the point of sale or on the website for verification. Not only does this streamline the redemption process, but it also adds a layer of security, ensuring that the person at the checkout is indeed the genuine reward recipient. This method seamlessly marries convenience with security, reaffirming our commitment to a trustworthy rewards experience.


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