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Streamlining Transactions, Enhancing Accessibility, and Elevating Efficiency

Embrace the Digital Revolution with Digitization

Discover the transformative power of Digivize’s Digitization application, a gateway to unparalleled efficiency and accessibility in managing transactions. By converting traditional paper-based processes into secure digital formats, we significantly reduce operational costs and streamline workflows. This application automates the capture and distribution of transaction documents through various channels, ensuring immediate and secure access to essential information. From financial statements to insurance certificates, experience a seamless transition to a more organized, sustainable, and customer-centric digital environment with Digitization by Digivize.


Specifically designed to cater to more intricate systems or tailored solutions, enabling a direct connection to our robust web services.

Print Driver

Simulates the operations of a physical printer, sending digital version instead of printing on paper, with installation as straightforward as a standard printer.


Ideal for email-driven systems and platforms, requiring only a URL, User Name, and Password for straightforward integration.

Plug In

For platforms and browsers needing extra functionalities, our plugin solution offers direct integration through easy installation in a Plugin Directory.

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