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Unlock deeper insights with intelligent relationship data

Consolidate to elevate your customer experience

Customer Data Platform

Enhance Your Data Culture with a Powerful CDP

Consolidate customer interactions and data from all platforms into a singular, trusted source of truth

Collect Data

Integrate data sources with ease and track user actions in real-time

Unify Profiles

Get a 360-degree view of your customers with actionable insights

Protect Data

Ensure data security with role based access control and real-time alerts
What Makes BranchedOut The Best-In-Class?

Deliver real-time tailored experiences for every customer

Fuel Growth Through Tailored Marketing

Adapting campaigns to evolving customer preferences is key for impactful personalization. It means fine-tuning every aspect of the experience, from content to design, in real-time. While it might seem daunting, the right engagement tools and customer data platform can simplify and streamline this expansive personalization approach.

Harness data-driven insights for actionable strategies

Craft Unified User Profiles for Tailored Experiences Across Platforms

CDPs enable marketing teams to elevate the customer journey. Disparate data and tools can result in inconsistent experiences, with various teams relying on diverse data sets. By centralizing data management and interactions throughout a customer's journey, a CDP ensures seamless transitions from acquisition to retention and expansion.


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