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Who We Are

Our mission is to empower brands through MarTech data-driven CX that enhance every facet of the customer journey.

Innovating Customer Experience

Pioneering the Future of Digital Transaction

TransactionTree™ has evolved from being a pioneer in digital receipt solutions to a leader in transforming transactional and customer data into actionable insights.


Find the right solution for your business.

Every transaction is a touchpoint in a customer’s digital journey with a brand. Our platforms not only simplifies these interactions but also enriches them, offering personalized marketing opportunities and insights that foster deeper connections.


All-in-One Marketing Platform


Front-end customer experience


Transaction Experience Platform


Omnichannel Communications


Headless Customer Data Platform and ODS

Full-Spectrum Journey

We capture events from the initiation to the conclusion of your journey, offering all-inclusive solutions to every department in your enterprise.

Financial digital marketing


Utilizing technology for secure and convenient tailored services.
healthcare digital marketing


Medical care and treatment to improve individual health.
Hospitality digital marketing


Delivering guests an unforgettable and delightful journey.
retail digital marketing


Selling goods and services directly to consumers through various channels.
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Services digital marketing


Fulfilling consumer needs through specialized expertise.
Travel digital marketing


Enhancing the travel experiences for leisure and business purposes.
Digital Experience

Benefits tailored to the diverse landscape of sectors

Recognizing that each business has its own unique needs, we invite you to explore how leveraging in-store data collection, analytics-driven insights, and advanced digital interaction techniques can propel your business growth.


People Say

At WS, we found that TransactionTree offered a $5,000 solution to a $100,000 problem, delivering exceptional value and addressing our complex needs efficiently and effectively.



Working with the TransactionTree team has been exceptional, as they truly comprehend our business needs, delivering remarkable solutions in customer capture and digital receipts that significantly enhance our service.


Senior Director

Utilizing TransactionTree, HG has enriched customer engagement, enabling customers to update their info via text and explore the advantages of digital receipts and targeted marketing, thereby elevating the shopping experience and fostering loyalty.



Leveraging LtsChat, PAL has seamlessly enhanced our phone ordering system and provided a unified, frictionless experience across all channels with digital receipts, enabling us to not only meet but exceed customer expectations and elevate our service to unprecedented levels.


Senior Leader

Understanding the desire for a seamless, personalized experience, HTZ has digitized customer-facing documents to streamline the rental process, enabling rapid deployment of innovative applications to enhance the customer journey and reaffirming our commitment to delivering an unmatched experience with every rental.


Senior Director

Meet Our Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration and mutual growth, which is why we are proud to offer an exception Partner Program tailored to Point-of-Sale Companies, Resellers, and Developers.  Our partners not only benefit from a generous revenue-sharing model but also receive complimentary use of a TransactionTree account for their own marketing endeavors. To ensure your marketing efforts are as effective as possible, we provide you with access to a comprehensive library filled with content, graphics, and other essential marketing materials. You have the flexibility to determine your level of engagement with your customers, whether that means simply selling TransactionTree’s cutting-edge digital receipt solutions or fully managing your customer’s digital marketing and experience needs.

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