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Revolutionizing Customer Interactions with Encrypted, Personalized Links

Dynamic Link Activation

Dynamic Link Activation, a feature of the Clerkless Solutions suite, revolutionizes customer interactions by offering encrypted, dynamic links tailored to individual user requirements. Whether it’s for identity verification, payment requests, or digital receipts, these links ensure a seamless, personalized experience while upholding the highest standards of security and data privacy.

Key Features

Generate unique links for every customer interaction, ensuring each page aligns with the specific needs and transaction details of the user.

Encrypted links ensure the utmost protection, reducing the risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access.

Eliminate the need for password inputs, offering users a seamless and frictionless experience.

Configurable self-destruction mechanism ensures each link expires after a set period, further enhancing data security.

Use Cases

Identity Verification

A unique link is sent to the user's mobile phone via SMS. Only the individual in possession of the phone can access and activate the link, ensuring secure identity verification.

SMS Receipts

Post-transaction, a link leading to the digital receipt is sent via SMS. This ensures only the rightful recipient has access to the transaction details.

Payment Request

Send direct payment requests via a dynamic link. The link is tailored based on the transaction, merchant, and customer details, guaranteeing a secure and personalized payment experience.


Revolutionizing Engagement with Dynamic Links

Dynamic Link Activation is not just a feature—it's a step towards redefining customer interactions in the digital age. By ensuring security, personalization, and efficiency, it stands as a testament to Clerkless Solutions' commitment to revolutionizing business-customer engagements.


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