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Prebuilt Point of Sale Integration


Amazing Features

in an Incredible Solution

Digital Receipt

Clerkless for NCR gathers accurate customer data
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Digital Marketing

Dynamic hyper personalized content delivered with every message
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Customer Capture

Capture your customers information in 5 seconds or less
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Simple Setup

Install quickly, and is a simple configuration with NCR
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100% Control

You have 24/7 access and 100% control to change any of the marketing content.
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Fully integrates with NCR, allowing for customer updates.
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TransactionTree’s patented (8,643,875) Digital Receipt Solution, specifically designed for NCR, offers retailers a unique opportunity to seamlessly extend the customer experience from in-store purchases to meaningful online interactions. This solution ensures that retailers retain complete control over the digital receipt experience, allowing for a consistent consumer journey across all purchasing channels, including eCommerce.

Moreover, our application empowers you to collect and validate customer data efficiently, featuring full integration into NCR’s environment, encompassing both receipts and sales orders. Elevate your customer’s experience and enhance your data collection with the integration of our innovative Digital Receipt Solution.

Our versatile Digital Receipt Solution can be conveniently acquired either directly from us or through your dedicated NCR Reseller, ensuring flexibility in procurement to suit your preferences. This availability through multiple channels aims to provide adaptability and convenience to potential users, making the acquisition process as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

Our Digital Receipt Solution operates on a licensing model, where each store location is required to obtain its own license, thus catering to the specific needs and transactions of that particular outlet. This licensing approach ensures that every location can customize and utilize the solution to its fullest potential, addressing the unique requirements and customer interactions inherent to each store.
The billing for this service is structured on an annual basis, providing a clear and predictable expense for budgeting purposes. This annual billing cycle is designed to offer convenience and financial clarity to businesses, allowing them to effectively plan and allocate resources. With this transparent and straightforward billing model, businesses can easily integrate the cost into their financial planning and focus on leveraging the Digital Receipt Solution to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations at each licensed location.
The Only Global Digital Receipt Solution for NCR


Digital Receipt and Notification


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