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Innovating Customer Experience

Do more with your customer communication

LtsChat is an end-to-end, patented, communication platform that enables merchants to transform the way they do business, chat with customers, and process orders and payments. With customizable features, automation capabilities, and multiple communication channels, create a system that allows you to do more.


The Problem


The Solution

Integrative. Adaptive. Revolutionizing Customer Interactions.

Seamless Communication Across Every Channel

LtsChat is designed to work harmoniously with any merchant’s in-place technology! Whether an integrated or stand-alone communication service, LtsChat is ready to revolutionize frictionless customer experience.

Text Message

Send and receive texts using your local landline, a central number, or buy an extra number.
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Automate emails based on customer actions, managed via central or specific inboxes.
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Web Chat

Connect in real-time. Smart routing directs customers to their local store or central call center.
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Social Media

For success on social media, engage effectively. Associates can respond to requests and chats.
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Optimized Communication & Transaction Flow

End-to-End Customer Connection

LtsChat’s key features allow merchants to create safe and seamless communication and ordering processes. Easy to use. Easy to Integrate.


Secure verification method for purchases and rewards redemption through real-time messaging, ensuring transaction integrity and customer authenticity.
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Facilitates real-time, two-way communication between merchants and customers, streamlining interactions and enhancing customer engagement.
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Centralized system for seamless order placements across multiple channels, enhancing convenience and efficiency for both merchants and customers.
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Streamlines the transaction process by enabling quick, secure, and convenient mobile payments through various channels.
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Revolutionizes the order retrieval process by offering swift and convenient in-store and curbside pickup options for customers on the go.
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Seamlessly integrates omnichannel communication capabilities into existing infrastructures, offering businesses a centralized, adaptable, and efficient system for enhanced customer engagement.
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Streamlines and automates the return process, offering businesses and customers a hassle-free and efficient method for product exchanges and refunds.
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Select Your Point of Sale

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