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Seamless Integration of Additional Documents in Every Transaction

Enhancing Customer Interaction through Relevant and Value-Added Content

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Seamless Document Integration

Discover the diverse opportunities offered by Digivize in incorporating additional documents to transactions across industries. From the insurance sector to e-commerce, our system seamlessly integrates essential and promotional materials, enriching customer engagement and providing added value in every interaction.

Automatically add policy details, terms and conditions, and promotional materials, offering customers comprehensive insights and options for additional coverage.

Integrate welcome kits, user guides, informational brochures, and regulatory disclosures, enhancing customer experience and awareness.

Attach product manuals, warranty information, return policies, promotional flyers, and customer feedback surveys, elevating the post-purchase journey.

Ensure every property purchase is complemented with essential transaction receipts, detailed property deeds, mortgage documents, and home warranty information. Plus, offer buyers neighborhood guides and promotional materials from local businesses, enhancing their settling-in experience.

Post medical appointments or procedures, effortlessly integrate prescription information, medical guidelines, follow-up appointment details, and health and wellness brochures. Provide information about relevant health programs or services, contributing to a well-rounded healthcare experience.

Upon enrollment, furnish students with comprehensive syllabi, course schedules, campus maps, and information about student services. Promote campus events or clubs through promotional materials, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

As customers sign up for new services or plans, provide them with user guides, clear terms of service, and promotional materials for add-on services or upgrades. Keep them informed about loyalty programs, ensuring a connected and rewarding user experience.

Post booking, enhance travelers’ experiences by providing travel guides, promotional materials for local attractions, car rental information, and travel insurance options. Elevate every journey with valuable insights and opportunities, ensuring memorable adventures.


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