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One-Stop Solution for Omnichannel Transaction Management

Comprehensive Transaction Endpoint for Seamless Operations

In the fast-paced retail environment, managing transactions effectively across all channels is the key to optimizing operations and delivering superior customer service. With the Lynxs solution's Transaction endpoint, you gain an omnichannel order data service that effortlessly consolidates transactions from any channel and any system.

Experience the difference with our powerful features:

Holistic Transaction Management

Seamlessly handle all transaction types, whether they are sales, returns, or exchanges, with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Detailed Transaction Insights

Dive deep into the intricacies of every transaction with comprehensive details on line items, item attributes, and much more.

Optimal Discount Management

Whether it's discounts on individual items, grouped items, or across the entire transaction, we've got you covered.

Accurate Tax Representation

Display detailed tax information for each item and the entire transaction accurately, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring clarity for compliance purposes.

Multifaceted Payment Options

From handling unlimited tenders per transaction to accommodating mult receipt returns and non-receipted returns, our solution is designed to handle all scenarios.

Swift API Response Speeds

Benefit from our platform's sub-second response times, guaranteeing swift transaction processes, reducing wait times, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction during their shopping experience.

Unlimited Historical Data Access

Retrieve any historical transaction data effortlessly, providing you with a vast reservoir of insights and analytics.

Automated Customer Linking

Every transaction is auto-linked to the customer data, including any updates, ensuring cohesive data management.

Secure Payment Token Management

Customer payment tokens are automatically updated, ensuring secure and smooth payment processes.
Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Transactions

Elevate Your In-Store Experience with E-commerce Integration

The Lynxs solution's Transaction endpoint is not limited to in-store transactions alone. We understand the dynamic nature of modern retail, and our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate e-commerce transactions, allowing for in-store returns and much more.

Dive into a world of interconnected retail with features such as:

Seamlessly manage e-commerce transactions, and facilitate in-store returns, offering customers flexibility and convenience.

No more hassles for your customers. They can now easily lookup multiple transactions for a single return, ensuring a smooth return experience.

Even without a receipt, our system can efficiently locate transactions using various parameters like customer details, payment methods, and more.

Enjoy sub-second response times, which ensures that your customer’s in-store experience is quick and hassle-free.

With customer data auto-linked to transactions, provide personalized services and offers, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Ready to revolutionize your transaction management?

Master Every Transaction, Every Time

Streamline your omnichannel transaction processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive operational excellence with the Lynxs solution's Transaction endpoint. Tap into the power of seamless integration, detailed insights, and rapid response times.


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