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Integration Options with TransactionTree

Enhancing the Transaction Experience

The modern consumer demands convenience and speed.  With Clerkless now at the forefront of customer data management and post-purchase communication, having versatile integration options is essential.  TransactionTree is at the cutting edge of this evolution, providing a range of integration methods tailored to fit various systems. Whether you’re a merchant or developer, our solutions have been meticulously crafted to ensure optimal functionality and user experience.

Integration Options

Built-in POS

Our built-in solutions stand out in the ever-evolving retail landscape, offering seamless integration with a focus on ease of implementation. Designed to enhance operational efficiency across various applications, it requires only a simple configuration for activation. This solution represents a commitment to aiding businesses in their digital transformation, ensuring technology and retail work hand in hand to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.


The API option from TransactionTree is specifically designed to cater to more intricate systems or tailored solutions, enabling a direct connection to our robust web services. By utilizing our comprehensive API documentation, users can ensure a smooth and seamless integration, thereby enhancing the adaptability and functionality of their systems.

Other Options


Ideal for email-driven systems and platforms, requiring only a URL, User Name, and Password for straightforward integration.

Print Driver

Simulates the operations of a physical printer, sending digital receipts instead of printing on paper, with installation as straightforward as a standard printer.

Plug In

For platforms and browsers needing extra functionalities, our plugin solution offers direct integration through easy installation in a Plugin Directory.

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