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Frictionless Ordering Through Multiple Channels

Centralized Ordering Made Easy

LtsChat streamlines the ordering process for merchants, bringing all your channels into a unified platform.

Channels to Place Your Order:

By enabling multiple channels, LtsChat ensures a rapid and efficient ordering experience, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Plus, in today’s world, our system naturally fits into social distancing safety policies by promoting contactless ordering.


The LtsChat Ordering Process

Curious about how it works? LtsChat uses two intuitive methods for placing orders, both customizable to meet your unique business needs.

Streamlining Purchases Through Instant Text Links

1. Link to Order System

Promote Online

Amplify your online ordering system via your website, social media, or other online channels.

Text-triggered Link

When customers text a specific keyword, they receive an automated message containing a direct link to your online order platform.

Easy Checkout

Customers can swiftly choose their items, specify pickup preferences (like in-store or curbside), and finalize their order.

Receive and process orders in a matter of minutes!

2. Text-in Orders

Enable Texting

Integrate texting capabilities with your existing phone number or opt for a LtsChat toll-free number.

Promote on Your Site

Highlight your new mobile ordering option by embedding "Order Now" click-to-text buttons on your website.

Interactive Texting Experience

Customers can conveniently text their full orders, ask for menu changes, inquire about daily specials, or seek clarifications. These orders integrate seamlessly with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system.

Want to know what LtsChat can do for your business?

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