Retail Dimensions, Inc. and TransactionTree, Inc. Announce eReceipt, a Paperless Receipt Program for the Retail Pro® POS Platform

Retail Dimensions, Inc. and TransactionTree, Inc. Announce eReceipt, a Paperless Receipt Program for the Retail Pro® POS Platform

PORTLAND, Ore. & ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retail Dimensions, Inc. and TransactionTree, Inc. have partnered to provide TransactionTree’s integrated eReceipt solution to retailers who use the Retail Pro® POS platform. eReceipt, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper, allows customers to receive their receipts electronically. This product addresses the consumer concern that paper receipts have a direct negative impact on the environment. Many cash register and credit-card receipt papers contain the harmful chemical, BPA (Bisphenol A), a hormone-mimicking pollutant. Not only will digital receipts provide for a more environmentally friendly transaction, the program will enable the retailer to capture the most granular level of transactional detail. These details include a unique identifier as well as the validated, customer email address. Refined analyses can then be performed to provide insight into the shopping behaviors of an individual customer. Having this insight allows for segmentation of customers with similar behaviors, demographic make-ups, and product partialities. Through segmentation and the building of customer hierarchies, retailers can migrate from a strategic approach to a tactical approach.

“The ability to interface with TransactionTree is another notable example of the flexibility that Retail Pro’s point of sale software provides. We are extremely excited to offer TransactionTree’s products to Retail Pro’s customer base. With services from Retail Dimensions, retailers can be confident that their Retail Pro systems offer superior scalability by employing innovative and proven technologies,” explains Kurt Beeken, CEO of Retail Dimensions, Inc.

“Electronic receipts represent the next frontier in customer interaction,” said Jason Shapiro, CEO of TransactionTree, Inc. “Transforming sales receipts into marketing opportunities for Retail Pro users will increase customer satisfaction, support loyalty programs and enhance relationships while reducing carbon footprints.”

About Retail Dimensions, Inc.

Retail Dimensions, Inc. (RDI), is the premier certified Retail Pro® development partner for Versions 8 and 9 of Retail Pro. Founded in 2002, RDI focuses exclusively on Retail Pro having served hundreds of retailers by providing plug-ins, add-on modules, ecommerce sites and integrations to enhance and extend the already great value of Retail Pro.

RDI products and services are conceived and delivered to give the retailer control of the end results. Whether it’s a plug-in to implement unique business requirements, an add-on module to economize operations, designing and/or implementing a new e-commerce solution, connecting Retail Pro to an existing site or building integrations to other software systems that deliver high impact efficiencies RDI listens to what the retailer wants, delivers what they ask for and lets the retailer enjoy the benefits.

About TransactionTree, Inc.

TransactionTree, Inc. provides a unique solution with our innovative paperless receipt delivery system, eReceipts. Our fully integrated solution replaces the antiquated ink and paper (thermal and carbon) register and credit card receipts, and gives retailers the opportunity to convert the mundane act of checking out at the point of sale into actionable events that add value to the customer’s shopping experience, while increasing to the retailer’s bottom line.

Within the high-tech, high-touch retail marketplace, TransactionTree supports retailers that strive to exceed the current environmental standards, as well as increase the company’s visibility as a responsible corporate citizen. Our goal is to enrich the existing technologies employed within the retail marketplace through the deployment of innovative technologies that reduce costs, are environmentally friendly, and health conscious. As a result, retailers are able to deliver a superior shopping experience for their customers by connecting with them on a personal level and letting them know that their business is appreciated, and that they are committed to doing what’s best for their customers and the environment.

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