Digital Receipt Repository

Receipt Data in Real Time

Developing smarter, more efficient data is essential to a merchant’s success, especially when it comes to managing transactions across multiple consumer channels. And without the right tools or support, it can quickly make it difficult to stay ahead of your financials.

That’s why we at TransactionTree work to streamline your customer transactions across all channels into a single, easy-to-view system based on the individual consumer.

This not only gives you more control over your financial stability and sales data that encompasses mobile, ecommerce, and in-store information, it allows consumers to query receipt data in real time.

Maintain Long-Term Financial Control

One of the biggest benefits of relying on a repository and web services partner is that it frees up substantial time and energy that can be put towards efforts in marketing, advertising, or connecting with customers.

More importantly, as it pertains to your financial stability, it can mean better business management and accountability over transactions as well as an opportunity to strengthen rapport with customers while driving smarter, more consistent lead generation.

These numerous real-time benefits include:

  • Driving consumers back to your online store or website
  • Creating reasons for consumers to create an active online account
  • Allows for easier reordering and the creation of shopping lists
  • Creates a central place to access transaction history for end-of-year taxes
  • Engages customers and keeps them coming back to your site
Grocery Receipt Repository

Managing Different Environments

The absolutely most important reason why TransactionTree repository services can benefit your business it the fact that sales are no longer stuck behind “brick and mortar” locations. Sales and transactions are far reaching and easily encompass social platforms, websites, in-store locations, and so much more.

When you need a well-developed way to manage this transaction data but don’t want to overburden your teams, choose TransactionTree and get the real-time support and data management you need to make smarter business decisions for the long-term growth and success of your brand.