LetsChat Pickup

Frictionless curbside and in-store pickup

LetsChat Pickup ProtocolsExplore more ways to get your order to the customer

People are always on the go, and business moves around the clock. LetsChat enables merchants to provide alternative methods to ensure the customer receives an order in a timely and efficient manner. Explore our options for:

In-Store Pickup

In-Store Pickup

Curbside Pickup

Curbside Delivery

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Help your customers stay informed with SMS and webpage check-in alerts so your customers can have their orders ready and waiting when they pull up. Easily add additional delivery and pickup options to your mobile ordering system.

Curbside ConvenienceContactless COVID-19 Pickup Precautions

Physical distancing and proper safety measures are paramount to today’s shoppers. LetsChat allows customers to practice social distancing by never having to leave their car. Through Curbside pickup, customers can drive up and receive their order quickly and contact-free.

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