LetsChat Orders

Frictionless ordering through more channels

LetsChat helps merchants create one, central ordering system.Enable your customers to order through:

Call in phone order


Text To Order


Webchat Ordering


Enable customers to place an order quickly and efficiently, improving customer satisfaction!LetsChat also encourages social distancing safety policies, encouraging contactless ordering.

Ordering: How it Works

LetsChat employs two seamless methods of placing orders that are fully customizable to your business needs

1. Link to order

Promote your online ordering system through your website, social media, and any online channel.

Customers text in a keyword prompting an automated message paired with a link for an online order.

Place an order along with pick up options (in-store or curbside).

Online Phone Ordering

Receive and process orders in a matter of minutes!

2. Text in Orders

Enable texting functionality to your existing phone number or a toll-free number through LetsChat.

Promote your new mobile ordering systems by integration prompts such as “Order Now” click to text buttons on your website.

Customers can quickly type out their full orders, request food alterations, ask for a menu or that day’s specials, or dive into any questions! Their text-in order is fully integrated into your POS system.

LetsChat helps merchants create a fully-automated mobile ordering system.Whether business is busy or slow, create a simple and effective way for customers to order anytime, anywhere.

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