An Omnichannel Communication Platform for Merchants

Do more with your customer communication

LetsChat is an end-to-end, patent pending, communication platform that enables merchants to transform the way they do business, chat with customers, and process orders and payments. With customizable features, automation capabilities, and multiple communication channels, create a system that allows you to do more.

Connect, order, pay, return, and more.  That’s the power of LetsChat!

Omnichannel Communication Platform

The Problem

  • Businesses feel restricted in their communication capabilities
  • Existing technology is not user-friendly for merchants and customers
  • Difficult to keep track of orders, payments, and returns
  • Limited resources and capital to build a mobile app
Omnichannel Communications Platform

The Solution: LetsChat

  • A cloud-based omnichannel communication service
  • Connects your physical channels digitally to customers and orders
  • Combine voice, messaging, and existing landline for seamless communication
  • Integrated with any existing system

Learn why merchantsof all sizes choose LetsChat for their customer communications.

A Cloud-Based Solution for Every IndustryUpgrade Your Communication Workflow Within Your Existing Technology

LetsChat is designed to work harmoniously with any merchant’s in-place technology! Whether an integrated or stand-alone communication service, LetsChat is ready to revolutionize frictionless customer experiences through:


Send and receive text messages using your local landline number, a central phone number, or purchase an additional phone number.


Merchants orchestrate emails which are triggered by customer actions. Emails are sent and received through a central or location specific inboxes.

Web Chat

Connect with your visitors and customers in real time.  Smart routing delivers customers to their local store or central call center.


Enable your customers to place orders through their preferred communication channel and communicate directly with their local store.

Social Media

Engagement is the key to success on social media. Every associate can be enabled to respond to social media request and chats through LetsChat.

Our IndustriesNo matter the industry, LetsChat has a solution.

Able to seamlessly integrate into a merchant’s channel, LetsChat services:




Franchise Groups


Fast Casual



Do it All from One Platform

Text to Pay

Make it easier for customers to pay you and give them a frictionless customer experience.  Customers can pay from the safety of their own mobile device and from anywhere.

Curbside Check-In

Enable your guest, patients, and customers to notify you when they have arrived through text or web page.  The location receives a notification when they arrive.

Two-way Communication

Customers can communicated directly with a location through text, email, and chat.  Provide the best customer experience by allowing customers to interact with their store or office.

Phone Order Confirmation

Just like in emails, you can send order confirmation text messages while the customer is still on the phone.  A customer can confirm all items to insure accuracy.

Purchase Approval

Minimize your risk by requesting an approval from the business or account holder, through text or email, before a transaction can be completed on your Point of Sale, OMS, or ERP.

Text to Order

Text ordering offers a faster, less expensive, and more convenient way for customers to order.  Customers simply send a text to your phone number with their order and this is inputted into your POS, OMS, or ERP.

End-to-End Customer ConnectionLetsChat’s key features allow merchants to create safe and seamless communication and ordering processes. Easy to use. Easy to Integrate.


Endless ways to connect one-on-one to customers and manage conversations on a unified platform


Text message payment requests allowing for convenient, fast, and secure cashier-free mobile checkout


Streamlined mobile ordering system through text message orders and sent links for order placement


Customers’ accounts and funds are always protected by SMS or email order confirmation


In-store or curbside pickup encourage quicker order access as well as safe, social distancing practices


Streamline your return process with consumer-friendly curbside and touch-free remote returns


LetsChat works on a wide array of technologies in place, encouraging any cross-device communication

Expand Your ReachGet everything you need to engage individually with customers