Responsive Email Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts, E-mail Receipts, and Paperless Receipts

Not all Digital Receipts, Electronic Receipts, and Paperless Receipts are the same. The act of e-mailing a customer’s receipt as the only action of the process leaves the customer experience as cold and distant as handing unnamed customers a piece of paper as their final act in the store. A well-thought-out dynamic digital receipt strategy through Transaction Tree, however, enables you to build a two-way relationship with every customer who opts into the program. Those relationships empower your marketing team to provide personalized content for each transaction, content that is relevant to that specific customer. Imagine, for example, being able to remind customers to reorder, when their supply of a favorite product might be running low. The possibilities are endless.

Let Us Show You What Dynamic Receipts Can Do

Dynamic Receipts put the power in the hands of the retailer. Dynamic Receipts maximize the potential of digital receipts. Dynamic Receipts can be customized to highlight key promotions, savings summaries, targeted messages, and more. Dynamic receipts can include personalized content specific to your customer. With the information on dynamic receipts, customers know what they’re getting, appreciate the personal attention, feel better about their savings, and therefore frequent the store more often.

Our system provides your business with the ability for unlimited customization and integration. As we are well aware, the marketing needs of a retailer are constantly changing and ever evolving. TransactionTree applies any number of static and dynamic tags that allow you to use or change every section of your e-mail receipt based on the purchase and the customer.

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Dynamic Digital Receipts

E-mail Receipt Marketing

Marketing content sent with consumers’ digital receipts can be tailored to fit your needs. Every transaction and consumer is unique, which allows for highly personalized and targeted content based on the data from each interaction.

Marketing Rules

Store or Location ID

Postal or Region Code


State or Province

Country, Region, or District

SKU, UPC, or Any Product/Service ID

Department and Category Code

Shopping Basket

Total Purchase

Segmentation and Targeting Codes

Purchase History

Loyalty Status


Past interactions across all channels

Dynamic Content

Static content is a thing of the past. Create one Digital Receipt with dynamic content tags, and you can deliver unlimited variations of the e-mail based on the data from each transaction. This process enables a truly personalized digital receipt based on your customers’ preferences and purchases.

Target by location, items purchased, and consumer history

Once your tags have been set, our automated marketing engine does the rest. Based on the data from each transaction, the content you designed is embedded and e-mailed with the digital receipt.

Dynamic Tags within the e-mail framework allow your business to apply an infinite variety of content and images, based on transaction data. Your dynamic, personalized content speaks directly to each client individually, resulting in more client interaction and more sales.

Dynamic Links

Links to your social media, e-commerce, survey, and review sites are a normal part of promotional e-mails. Our solution takes these opportunities to the next level with Dynamic Linking. Based on the transaction, all links throughout the e-mail can change. You can alert customers to upcoming events, sales, or special offers. You can remind them to refill orders. You can communicate news regarding your business, trends in the market, new products, or products they have purchased.

Change the way consumers link with every store

Many retailers have dedicated social media pages and review pages for each store location. Even though our e-mail receipts may look the same from all store locations, customers that click the links have different experiences specifically related to the store they visited. In addition, your e-mail marketing can reach customers in the area where each store is located.



Clean Design

Our elegant layouts help you best organize your digital marketing.


Our solutions are built with modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and SEO optimized.

Easy Customization

With our clear code and documentation, you create your digital receipts super quickly and update it just as easily.

Responsive Design

Our program is compatible with most desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.


With our digital receipts, retailers can better track legitimate store returns.


Because of customer opt-in, you have a high delivery rate of all transactional e-mails.


With our systems, you can track consumer marketing and transaction data from point-of-sale to e-mail.


We monitor transactions all the way to the inbox.

Web Services

Digital Receipts can be connected with your current applications, maximizing your investment.



Survey Providers

You can integrate our digital receipt service with third-party survey providers. You therefore get increased response rates and decreased completion time.

Social Media

Digital receipts allow you to tap into your customers’ social media contacts with instant link sharing and following. Your business gets more exposure than ever before.

Product Reviews

Your customers can see the reviews for each product they purchased and with a single click can write their review of the product.  This increases the adoption of your product review investment and provides rich content.


Simple point values, reward levels, and available rewards based on the current transaction can be displayed.  In addition, messaging with current loyalty level and what is need to reach the next level or reward will insentience the customer to their next purchase.


Our solution can integrate with your current eCommerce tools to provide dynamic content based on the transactional data.

Product Registration

Eliminate the need for your customers to register their products manually, when you provide a simple click-through method for product registration. Customers appreciate the convenience, and you build customer satisfaction.

Mobile Applications

Eliminate the need for your customers to register their products manually, when you provide a simple click-through method for product registration. Customers appreciate the convenience, and you build customer satisfaction.

Ads and Coupons

Link content in the receipts to your current coupon and ad management systems.  This content can be connected through dynamic links generated for each transaction or direct integration with your current platforms.



Four Keys to Digital Receipts

Consumers open and keep e-mail receipts ten times more often than they read normal e-mail marketing messages. This high rate of response provides a large opportunity for businesses to deliver personalized receipts and other information to each consumer. You can send the following and more:

  • Relevant Consumer Services and Transaction Information
  • Links to your Omni-Channel network and Multi-Channel Marketing, such as your website, mobile applications, social pages, and more
  • Targeted Promotions
  • Location Updates

Go Green!

E-mail Receipts—digital receipts—eliminate the waste of trees, oil, and water, all of which is used in receipt-paper manufacturing. Businesses that offer digital receipts demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Thermal Paper Receipt Facts

  • The average receipt is ten inches long.
  • Each tree can produce 8,000 to 9,000 receipts.
  • About 350k receipts equal one ton of CO2.
  • About 167 receipts are the equivalent of driving one mile in a gasoline vehicle.
  • About 150k receipts use two barrels of oil.
  • Thermal receipts often are BPA coated and can be absorbed through the skin.
Green eReceipts

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