Bringing Customers Closer with Unified Data

Integrating Smarter First-Party Data

Marketers have long relied on expensive and limited options that focus on customer retention and growth but have sacrificed new customer acquisition due to budgetary, time, or accessibility constraints. And in an omnichannel marketing environment, relying solely on data collected from loyalty programs or ecommerce transactions is not a way to build continued success.

Here at Transaction Tree, we understand that the right data can make all the difference in both short- and long-term scalability; as long as you have unified information across multiple channels that provide you with proper insight. That’s because divergence and convergence both happen throughout the marketing, sales, and customer-building process.

That’s why we provide clients with a more unified Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provides a holistic view of every channel—or one that allows you to view total customer value which can then be leveraged into your marketing plans.

Adding Flexibility and Responsiveness to CRM

The right business data is vital to building a strong customer base, attracting new customers, and creating sustainable profitability. But understanding and managing that data can often be time consuming, hard to manage, and even more difficult to share with others.

That’s why our Customer Data Platform compiles all the most valuable customer information into one easy-to-understand database that consolidates customer data, documents, and social connectivity in one place.

We provide more control over outbound marketing, digital advertising, analytics, and creating a strong customer experience across all your channels and in real time. This is essential when you’re managing in-store operations, sending out email, mail, or SMS campaigns, maintaining social media, and trying to tie it altogether to create a more vivid customer profile.

In-Depth Profiles

Our CDP keeps customer data up to date across all experience touch points to help you better understand individuals and groups.

Maintain Continuity

Gain more control over every channel while reducing stress and improving time management to enhance efficiency.

True Connectivity

Ensure completely visibility along all your lines of communication, including email, print, SMS messaging, and phone calls.

Unified Platform

Manage contacts, transactions, and interactions in a simple, easy-to-use system that covers all your vital areas and provides better data access.

Optimize Workflow

We leverage today’s most modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to keep your data SEO optimized and easier to manage.

Custom Integration

No two businesses are alike which is why we offer open APIs that can be customized to suit your individual needs or strategies.

Monitor Behaviors

Stay on top of all interactions and responses in real time to increase customer confidence and build long-term trust.

Customer Responses

Track, monitor, and respond to customer inquiries or messages with faster access and control across all social platforms.

Create Sustainability

Expand your sales goals, memberships, loyalty programs, and other marketing strategies by giving customers more options.