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    Turn Every Purchaser Into A Loyal Customer

    When you offer Digital Receipts, you capture your customers' e-mail addresses for future use, collect vital information on customer preferences, save money, and provide customers with a safer, BPA-free receipt option.

    Digital receipts increase customer satisfaction, support loyalty programs, and enhance relationships, while you reduce your carbon footprint.

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    The Best Way to Engage Customers

    Capture and Validate E-mail Addresses for E-mail Marketing

    Provide Personalized and Dynamic Receipt Content

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    Turn Receipts Into Revenue

    Paperless receipts—digital receipts—represent the next frontier in consumer interaction. TransactionTree is revolutionizing the industry with robust, scalable, easy-to-integrate solutions that provide a measurable return on investment and allow real-time delivery of receipts.

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  • Dynamic and Personalized Digital eReceipt Content
  • Personalized Marketing Content
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Who We Are!

TransactionTree™ is the leading provider of digital receipt solutions for the retail industry and other transaction-oriented enterprises. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, TransactionTree™ was established in 2008 by forward-thinking, green-thinking innovators seeking technological solutions to common environmental business challenges in ways that also increase sales and cement customer loyalty.

Today, TransactionTree's, patented technology, transforms every sales receipt into an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, support loyalty programs, and enhance relationships while reducing retailers' carbon footprint. Transactional e-mail messages and online access pleases customers, because they avoid handling BPA-tainted thermal receipt paper, plus they can organize, store, and retrieve their digital receipts anywhere, anytime. At the same time, e-mail receipts save business owners from using as much receipt paper. Digital receipts also give business owners dynamic, personalized content regarding their customers' contact information and preferences.

Leading Provider of Digital Receipts

Our technology integrates into any point-of-sale (POS) platform. The levels of integration are based on customers' needs. The base solution runs on any Microsoft Windows-based platform and can be customized to integrate signature capture, loyalty, and customer relations management (CRM) systems. Our unprecedented digital receipt solution does not require upgrades or additional installations, so we save you time and money over older digital receipt programs. Additionally, we do not require POS systems to be uniform throughout the business establishment.

Customer Buy-In Ensures Accuracy of E-mail Lists

Our digital receipt program allows your business to collect accurate consumer information by providing a reason for the consumer to give it. This solution is integrated at the checkout point, so consumers choose to have their receipt e-mailed and then choose to give the retailer their information. This personal acceptance and interaction creates databases that are 99% accurate. Business owners always know who their customers are, for every transactional e-mail marketing campaign.

  • Over 60% adoption by consumers
  • Email Receipt Statistics
  • Give your customers what they want.
Implementation was easy and the application is easy to support.
Director of IT

Our Solutions


Our innovative eReceipt Solutions help retailers reduce costs, gather accurate customer information, build brand awareness, and develop targeted marketing strategies.

Point-of-Sale Integration

Our Technology integrates with any Point-of-Sale (POS) platform and can integrate signature capture, loyalty, and CRM solutions.

Digital Marketing

With our Digital Marketing, you can view all e-mail marketing sent to a customer, including eReceipts, promotions, and newsletters, as well as event- and action-based marketing.

Social Media Integration

eReceipts build your brand for you. With social media content on every receipt, your customers share their shopping experiences with others and spread the word about your business.

Data Targeting

E-mail Validation at the end of every transaction generates high delivery rates of eReceipts and keeps your database current. In addition, content delivery is targeted, based on user-defined rules.

Repository & Web Services

Online receipt access can be provided to your customers through our online receipt repository or through your customer-facing website.

My Customers Love the Convenience of E-Mail Receipts.

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I never realized how much we spent on paper Receipts.

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Purchase our digital receipt solutions directly from the TransactionTree team or through one of our strategic partnerships with Point-of-Sale providers, Retail Integrators, or your Reseller, including PCMS, Retail Pro, Torex, Raymark, and JDA. Our multi-channel approach reaches and serves any size merchant.

Our turnkey digital-receipt solutions are affordable for every business. Contact a TransactionTree representative to learn more about our Reseller and OEM programs.

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